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Telluride, Colorado

Updated: Mar 6

"To Hell Your Ride" (not anymore) with Bob Gleason

Down in southwest Colorado at the end of a box canyon in the San Juan mountains sits Telluride. Rumor has it that the name “Telluride” actually derived from the phrase “To Hell You Ride”, which described the treacherous journey to get to this remote mountain town.

Skiing started there in 1972 with a few runs emptying into town, the skiing has expanded to include some of the best and most varied skiing in the world.  Supported by a newer mountain village, thetown itself remains historic, quaint and awesome with restaurants, bars and hotels catering to everyone.

Bob Gleason, known for his bootfitting skills honed over 40 years, has been skiing, living and working in Telluride for 27 years. Last year Bob skied over 3.1 Million vertical in all conditions - heknows the mountain and the area very well. 

My Favs

  • Best Restaurant – wow there are so many choices - we are settling on Allreds for the views and the food and the Floradora for fun

  • Best Hotel - New Sheridan

  • Best Pizza – Rustico

  • Best Apres - the bar at the New Sheridan

  • Best Run- Lift 9 Bushwacker to the Lower Plunge....

  • Find Bob - The Bootdoctor

Thank you to the Grits Band for the music

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