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Welcome to Where to SkiTM - a podcast dedicated to helping you discover the best skiing destinations around the world. Our team of experts consists of some of the world's best skiers who live and work in some of the most amazing skiing spots on the planet. We bring you discussions with insiders and locals to answer the question - Where should I ski? Our in-depth reviews and recommendations help you plan your next skiing adventure. So join us in the journey to discover the best skiing destinations on the planet.

John Morgan - Host

I started skiing at 3, never stopped and I am passionate about the technical aspects of the sport and the amazing places you can go do it . 

Had the opportunity to race - a lot - all over the world which is the genesis of this podcast series.

My mentors from Stein to "Ringo" to  Gunnar  and Ted along with so many others along the way who helped me all deserve huge thanks for instilling a love of excellence in skiing (and everything) and an appreciation and love for the mountains.

Our Guests

Our amazing guests bring the knowlege, passion and experience

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Season Two

Bonus Episodes


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