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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Updated: Mar 6

An insiders look with Tim Flanagan.

In this episode we go to Jackson Hole Wyoming, to find out what makes this beautiful area so special. Today we are talking about the real Jackson with Tim Flanagan, longtime Jackson skier, coach and owner of SkiGear TV. Tim has lived in Jackson for over 21 years, teaching, coaching and raining his family.

Jackson Hole Wyoming, one of the holy trinity of ski areas in the US. Smack in the middle of the Teton Range in the Rocky Mountains, twelve miles (20 km) northwest of the town of Jackson and due south of Grand Teton National Park. Jackson is arguably the most scenic ski area in North America. Independently owned since 1992 by members of the Kemmerer Family-it is unique by not being owned by one of the big conglomerates and retains its unique character.

The main mountain at Teton Village is known for its steep terrain and huge vertical of 4,139 ft. The official stats are 50% expert, 40% intermediate and 10% beginner with all this terrain serviced by a new and extensive lift system, headlined by the spectacular and legendary Tram.



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