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Sugarbush, Vermont

Updated: Mar 6

Welcome to this episode on Sugarbush resort in Warren Vermont.  Our guest for this episode is my friend and Level 3 PSIA instructor and trainer, Marc Angelillo, His profile says “dad, husband, friend, multi-sport athlete, waterman, snow-pro, brand ambassador, influencer, traveler, seasoned lifestyle sales rep all wrapped into 1".  Sugarbush is one of the premier resorts in the country, certainly in the east and has some exceptional terrain and activities for every skier at every level.

Sugarbush is in Warren, VT situated in the Mad River Valley, almost in the dead center of Vermont. Sugarbush has some of the best terrain in the East but also is known for food, beer and its social side. 

Sugarbush has substantial off-piste skiing and riding, a summit elevation of 4,083 ft (1,244 m), and a vertical drop of 2,600 feet (790 m), making it the second largest in Vermont. The mountain has 2000 acres of skiing, 480 on trails and the remainder in glades and backcountry skiing.  This includes 111 trails of terrain for beginners 20%, intermediates 45%, and experts 35%, spread across two mountains—Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen—with a chairlift that connect the two.

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