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Stowe, Vermont

Updated: Mar 6

Ten by 10 at Stowe Vermont with Dave Merriam

Stowe is quintessential New England, beautiful buildings, churches and town squares with restaurants, local businesses, shops and hotels that make it attractive and fun.   

Stowe's heavy investment in base facilities, high speed lifts and snowmaking lets it boast some of the best facilities in the US on two separate mountains.

My guest is Dave Merriam, Dave served as the Senior Director of Skier Services to Director of the Ski and Snowboard School.  Dave doesn’t just know Stowe, he knows skiing, he was on the Professional Ski Instructors of America Demo team for 12 years and was their head coach for 8 years; he instructed and directed the race program at LaParva, Chile for 2 years; helped develop product for both Olin and other companies and wrote extensively for Ski Magazine.  Dave raised his two daughters in the area and today Dave lives outside of Stowe with his wife, Eve.

Enough ...lets talk to Dave and see what Stowe is really like.

My Favs

  • Best Bewpub – Idletyme - good beer, good food - works for me

  • Best Breakfast – Octagon Cafe on the mountain at the top of the Quad

  • Best Hotel - Trappe Family Lodge - I'm a sucker for the authentic Austrian family and they allow dogs

  • Best Apres - ⁠The Matterhorn

  • Best Run- Nosedive for the history - Under the gondola for crusing

  • Find Dave - Stowe Ski and Snowboard School

Thank you to the Grits Band for the music

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